Friday, January 11, 2013

Wine Openers!

Wine Openers

  Opening a bottle of wine I've always thought was a pretty simple thing. I thought I would write a fun and entertaining post on how many different devices there are anymore to achieve this simple task though. I've always just used a cheap waiters corkscrew, but a winged corkscrew is a good go to. The nice part about a wing corkscrew is it keeps you at a set angle and is pretty much fool proof. The  rechargeable electropull's can be just fun for the lazier individual. The legacy stand corkscrews are nice and make a great piece in your kitchen if you have the counter space. There many alternatives some entertaining, artistic, and others just lazy.

From top left to right. The waiters(favorite), wing, rabbit, connoisser(yes that's the spelling), variable, corkpull, legacy, electropull, and twister. Prices ranging from $2 for the waiters to $180 for the legacy.
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