Monday, January 14, 2013

Three Win Glasses You Must Own

  There are many options out there when it comes to wine glasses. Far to many for the casual to moderate wine drinker. There are only three you really need to own though and half a dozen of each. The standard red wine glass. My preference is the cab glass it fits nicely into your hand and it can be interchanged for a white glass. The second is port glasses I'm not a huge port drinker anymore, but they're nice to have around and dang near indestructible. They're usually what I pull out when I have rowdy party or when company is visiting. I have half a dozen of these that are riedel and when one of my good childhood friends was visiting last July. He dropped one and it bounced off the wood floor during a party. The last but not least is champagne glasses for special occasions such as anniversary's, holidays, partys, and they can be used for rose as well. I'd recommend Riedel for affordable glassware.  

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