Friday, January 11, 2013

Cocobon 2009/2010(Californian $6.99-9.99 TJ's)

Color: Burgundy
Smell: Raspberry, cherry, cocoa, floral, and smoke
Taste: Cocoa, raspberry, floral, light smokeyness, very low acidity, medium alcohol, and semi-dry

Food Pairings:  Almonds 
                           Bleu de Bresse
                           Cheese Souffle

Summary: Cocobon 2010 is very popular wine I've been noticing served at evening events with appetizers or desserts. I recently ran across Cocoban on an endcap display at my local Trader Joe's in the Alphabet District and eagerly decided to give it a try finally. It's a fun and playful dessert wine that reminds me of dark chocolate with it's strong tone of cocoa and undertone of dark semi-sweet berries. The very light smokeyness helps it to pair very well with a strong cheese. Cocobon will pair very with freshly roasted nuts for an appetizer or snack. This wine would be great at an evening get-together whether it's cold winter night or a balmy summer one.

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