Monday, January 7, 2013

Trentatre Rosso 2008

Trentatre Rosso 2008(Italian $5.99-8.99)
(Merlot 33.3%, Cabernet Sauvignon 33.3%, & Montepulciano 33.4%)

Color: Deep Ruby
Smell: Cocoa, black cherry, and cloves
Taste: Black Cherry, plum, clove, high tannins, medium acidity, medium alcohol, and semi-dry

Food Pairings:  With a Hearty Red Sauce Pasta or Baked Ziti(preference)
                            Polish Cabbage Rolls
                            Slow Roasted Leg of Lamb

Summary: Trentatre Rosso is well aged and ready to drink right out of the bottle, which works out well by the end of some weeks. This is a full bodied and very high tanin red-blend. I get heavy black cherry & clove on the nose. On the mouth I get black cherry, plum, and hard spices mostly clove. It reminds me of a well aged sagiovese and an average Bordeaux. I would be most likely to serve it on a cold winter or fall evening with a slow roasted leg of lamb.

History/Information: Trentatre in Italian means 33 in Italian hence 33 on the bottle. Montepulciano is the second most common wine grape of Italy after Sangiovese. It shares very similar characteristic's to a Bordeaux, which is because it shares two of the same grape varietals. A Bordeaux is 55% Cab Sauv & 45% Merlot. The Cab Sauv is often to harsh for many wine drinks, but when blended with almost half Merlot it's more acceptable to a young palate.

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