Wednesday, December 12, 2012


  Today I'll be bringing you an intro and few easy tips to shopping for wine on a budget(under $7 a bottle).

  Places to shop: Trader Joes, Fred Meyer, Costplus World Market, Whole Foods, Costco, and discount wine suppliers(every city has them). Also often when you buy 6 there is a 10-20% discount. All of these places also have a discount wine section as well. Discount wines are often ones that have been discontinued by the store. They rarely have been discontinued for negative reasons. Usually they're discontinued due to the supplier increases the price, the supplier can't keep up with demand, or the store is rotating labels, or a customer never picked up a special order.

  Some wines will always be inexpensive due to poor quality or mass production. There are gems you can find due to a winery being new, an overly fertile year, second labels, and diamonds among the rough.

  I do recommend you don't buy any wine label that has a dog on the label, just someones first name, from Australia, bragging  of cheapness, profanity, or has a cheap looking label. Screw on tops are fine though many fine winery's have switched over to screw tops to avoid corking issues and the increased price of cork.

~Keep your buzz on with class & flavor

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