Monday, December 17, 2012

Columbia Winery Riesling 2009

Columbia Winery Riesling 2009($5.99-7.99)

Color: Straw/light gold
Smell: Resinous, floral, and very sweet on the nose with hints of apple & apricot.
Taste: Low tannin's, high acidity, high alcohol, and very high residual sugars.
          Apple, apricot, rose hips, and honey like sweetness.

Food Pairings: Thai Food
                         Stir Fry
                         Grilled White Fish

Summary: The Columbia Winery Riesling is one of the finer riesling's that can be found in this price point. I wouldn't recommend drinking it by itself being far to sweet for my taste. It's better paired with something savory or hot. It goes amazing with Asian food my favorite being stir fry. It can be nicely paired with a fruit and cheese for dessert as well though. I like to serve NW Rieslings with slices of pears or green apple and a semi-hard asiago cheese during the holiday season as an appetizer or dessert.

  It's important to take into account that riesling is only one varietal of grape, but differs dramatically from region. The three primary growing regions are the Columbia Valley(Washington State), Alsace(France), and Rheinhessan(Germany).
Washington Riesling: high sugar, fruity, floral, and high alcohol(some borderline coolaid or cough syrup).
Alsacian Riesling: semi-sweet, mineral, peach, sometimes melon, and medium alcohol.
German Riesling(can very dramatically): light-dry, fruits-apple, pear, citrus, & low alcohol.  

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